Michael BauerMichael was born in Sycamore, Ill but was raised in Ketchikan, Alaska on an island in Southeast Alaska. Growing up Michael always seem to be looking for that new adventure, and  found out at a young age he really had an eye for photography. After high school he packed up his motorcycle and spent the summer traveling around the United States and Canada solo, while on that trip he really saw all the great places there is around the lower 48 and knew he wanted to move South.

It didn’t take long for Michael to end up in Arizona where he went to school and worked for the next ten years, during that time he found himself traveling every chance he could get. Michael managed to do a lot of great adventures that most people could ever dream of and here he was living that dream! While on many adventures he ended up taking many great photographs, and soon he found himself sending his family and friends many of those amazing photographs of his trips. It seem like a great way for him to take them along on many great adventures, and they seem to always look forward to getting them via e-mail.

Around 2008 he decided it was time to live his next big dream and move to a ski town in Colorado, he managed to get very lucky to land a great job that would give him lots of time off to travel. He then put some money down for his first high end camera and everything since then moved his photography to that next level, so Michael next big dream was to start a great website to sell his photography. When he launch his site in late 2012 he didn’t think he would get many hits and really didn’t think he would sell anything right away.

About 5 days after launching the web site Michael managed to get his first sale and it was a good one, and ever since then things have been really looking up.

One thing he will never forget while he was traveling around the United States on his motorcycle, it was the thing that all the different retired generation would say to him and that was “Don’t wait until you retire to get out and start enjoying life, enjoy every year like it’s your last” so to this day he has lived by that and it sure has giving him one great Life!